Rates & Reservation


Accommodation Prices 2013

Accommodation Prices 2014

Apr. 13 – Nov. 22

Nov. 23 – Nov. 29

Nov. 30 – Dec. 13

Dec. 14 – Dec. 31

$3,750 / night

$4,500 / night

$4,000 / night

$5,000 / night

Jan. 1 – Jan. 3

Jan. 4 – Apr. 25

Apr. 26 – Nov. 21

Nov. 22 – Nov. 28

Nov. 29 – Dec. 12

Dec. 13 – Dec. 31

$5,000 / night

$4,500 / night

$3,950 / night

$4,500 / night

$4,250 / night

$5,000 / night

Prices are based on a 7 night minimum stay
Christmas/New Year require a 10 night minimum
Weekly rates do not include 15% service charge and 7% hotel tax



  • Maximum Guest Occupancy: 10
  • Alternate occupancy subject to owner’s approval


The Rental Agreement becomes a binding agreement upon receipt of the guest’s deposit. A guest’s remittance of payment in response to this agreement constitutes acceptance and concurrence to these terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions as printed below. If there are any questions regarding the following, please contact Mango Manor before sending the rental deposit.

PAYMENT POLICY: Bookings will be confirmed upon receipt of the payment deposit, consisting of one half of the total of rental. Deposit is due within 10 days of booking. Failure to make this payment subjects the reservation to automatic cancellation without notice. The rental balance, 15% Service charge, 7% Government Hotel Tax, 15% Advanced Provisioning Allowance and $2,500 damage deposit must be paid in full at least 45 days prior to arrival. Payment may be made by wire transfer, check or credit card.

CANCELLATION POLICY: All cancellations, or date changes must be made in writing (email). If cancellation is made more than 60 days prior the arrival date, guests will be refunded 80% of the total rent. The remaining 20% will be retained by Mango Manor as liquidated damages. If cancellation is made after 60 days of the arrival date, Mango Manor will retain 100% of the total rent as liquidated damages. This is calculated on the total rent (rental + tax + service fee).

There will be no refunds granted for late arrivals or premature departures, but we will be happy to credit you for a future booking – but you must travel within one year, and no subletting to another party is permitted.

Please send your payments in on time to avoid cancellation of your reservation. If you must change or cancel any portion of the services you have already booked, please notify us in writing (by email). No refunds will be granted unless there is a serious problem which cannot be remedied within 24 hours, and/or which causes the Guest extreme, undue discomfort or serious inconvenience.

DAMAGE DEPOSIT: Damage deposit is required to cover any damage, breakage, missing items, additional cleaning if villa is left abnormally dirty and/or any other charges incurred before, during or after one’s stay, still outstanding. This damage deposit is refundable within 45 to 60 days of departure. All normal utilities are included in the rental costs.

Mango Manor recognizes that the villa will be subject to normal wear and tear. Guests are requested to respect the property, furnishings, artwork, technology and other household items. Locked pantries, closets, and rooms reserved for the owners of Mango Manor are not included in this rental.  You, as the Guest, agree to take all reasonable steps to ensure that your family and other guests in your party adhere to the rules and regulations affecting your stay at Mango Manor. Rearranging furniture or removing any items from Mango Manor is prohibited.

Glass is strictly prohibited in or around the pool and/or hot tub. Guests will be provided with high quality, polycarbonate dishware for enjoying libations poolside. Any damage to the villa’s property or contents deemed, in Mango Manor’s sole discretion, to be the result of misuse, negligence or in violation of the rules stated in this document, shall be deducted from Guest’s damage deposit. Note, however, that Guest liability is not limited to the amount of the deposit and Guest remains fully responsible for the costs of repair or replacement of items damaged as the result of abuse or negligence. This includes the cost of replacing all pool water in the instance of glass breakage.

ADVANCED PROVISIONING ALLOWANCE (APA): The APA covers the cost of food, wines, liquors, communications and activities, in direct correlation to the preference sheet. All guests are required to fill out a preference sheet. This will assure that the resident managers of Mango Manor will create the perfect vacation setting, specific to you and your guest’s needs. Any APA not used will be returned to you at the end of the  HYPERLINK “http://www.kaiser-yachting.com/sailing/charter-croatia-53.html” rental, before departure. On the other hand, if expenses exceed the APA (requests of rare liquors, wine, sashimi etc.) you will be expected to top up your APA account upon depletion to $500.

LIABILITY: Mango Manor assumes no liability and Guests waive any claim against Mango Manor, its owners and/or employees for damages related to any injury, accidents, death incurred on Mango Manor premises. Furthermore, Guests are responsible for Mango Manor during occupancy. Guests must lock the windows and doors securely at all times when not on the premises, and must exercise care in securing all personal property in the in-suite safes provided. Mango Manor shall assume no liability for any loss, theft or damage to Guest’s property. Guests must observe all cautions as given by resident managers. Mango Manor’s owners reserve the right to refuse service or rentals to anyone at their complete discretion.

MANGO MANOR DOGS: Two very loveable dogs, with the most gentle of natures, Harley and Duke, are a part of what makes Mango Manor magical. These two Great Danes give guests a true feeling of security and are a joy to have around. Harley and Duke can be put away in the resident manager’s cottage or roam the property freely, the choice is yours.

PETS: Pets are not allowed on Mango Manor property without specific written approval from the owners, granted prior to arrival. A pet or evidence of any other pet found on the premises may lead to eviction and forfeiture of Guest’s rent and deposit.

MAINTENANCE: Mango Manor’s staff will make every effort to keep the villa and its inventory in good working order. In case of a maintenance problem, they will strive to repair the problem as soon as possible after notification. However, no refund or rate adjustment shall be made for unforeseen mechanical failures such as the supply of electricity, telephone service, internet, water, pool filtration systems, hot tubs, air conditioning, television or satellite service, appliances, etc. It is the Guest’s obligation to report any problems or damage to Mango Manor’s Resident Managers, regardless of the hour. With appropriate notice given, Mango Manor’s resident managers and staff may enter your villa to perform any repairs as necessary.

CHECK-IN and CHECK-OUT TIMES: Check-in time is 3 pm. Guests must vacate the villa no later than 11 am on their departure date.

DRUGS AND HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: The use and/or the possession of any illegal substances, inflammable fluids firearms, fireworks, explosives or articles deemed hazardous to life, limb, or property is strictly prohibited at Mango Manor. Any evidence of such will result in immediate eviction and forfeiture of entire rental payment.

KEYS: Guests will be charged $25 for each key that is lost or mishandled

CAPACITY OF MANGO MANOR: The total number of persons allowed in the villa at any one time is restricted to 2 persons per bedroom for a total of 10. Requests to increase capacity, is in the sole discretion of Mango Manor. Should a group misrepresent themselves, they will be required to pay penalties for all excess persons immediately, or shall vacate the villa without refund. Exceptions are made only for infants less than 2 years of age, if sleeping in a baby crib and not occupying one of the villa’s beds.

SMOKING: Smoking is not allowed inside Mango Manor. Mango Manor welcomes smoking in all outdoor areas.

ENTERTAINMENT AND PARTIES: Mango Manor wishes to maintain a family atmosphere for the quiet enjoyment of Guests. We rent to family groups and responsible adults only. Absolutely NO house parties or functions such as weddings are allowed without advance, written permission. Guests shall be sufficiently quiet and peaceful so as not to disturb other residents of the neighborhood, particularly after 10 p.m. at night.


No children are allowed on pool deck, on the pool slide or in the pool without adult supervisor.

No diving in pool

One person at a time may use the slide

No sitting or standing on the pool’s infinity edge. There’s a drop-off on the other side.

No running on the travertine, tiles can be slippery when wet

No rough-housing anywhere on the property

ENVIRONMENT: Here at Mango Manor, we respect our environment. Our pure water is made, on the premises, through a reverse osmosis system. Please dispose of all garbage. Please do not flush sanitary napkins. When you leave a room, please turn off the lights and all electronic devises. Please reuse towels. A towel left on the floor, in the shower or in the master tub is a towel to be changed. Mango Manor is paradise. Please help us to keep her that way.

CHANGES AND UPDATES: The information contained in Mango Manor’s web site is constantly updated. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. If any dispute arises out of this rental agreement, the laws of the British Virgin Islands shall apply and the prevailing party shall recover its costs, expenses and reasonable attorney’s fees.

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