A white, knit hammock, swinging chairs and an array of comfortable seating along the length of our palatial main level veranda induce tranquility and relaxation, with magnificent views of an ever-changing panorama of breath-taking beauty.


Jordan McDonough, Mango Manor’s licensed massage therapist, is trained in a multitude of massage modalities including; Swedish, Deep Tissue, Connective Tissue, Neuromuscular, Polarity, Hydrotherapy, Thai, Reflexology and Sports Massage.

Choose from an array of surroundings for your treatment, from the shaded, breezy veranda to the serenity of our waterfall oasis. Indulge your senses with our homemade, organic, aroma therapeutic oils, made with herbs and spices from our garden.

Jordan will provide a customized treatment to meet your specific needs. As your body is massaged back to health, immerse yourself in nature, allowing coastal breezes to tickle your skin and the song of Caribbean birds to lull you to sleep.


Bring peace and balance to your mind body and soul, with Mango Manor’s private or group yoga session, lead by Jordan McDonough.

Allow her to guide and support you through poses tailored to your personal goals & experience level. Her class can incorporate pranayama, asana, relaxation and meditation.

Feel instantly at peace as you begin your Yoga practice against a spectacular backdrop of the most beautiful views in the Caribbean.

Years of passion driven experience has given Jordan a deep understanding of not only the physical health benefits, but the mental healing and spiritual powers of yoga. Her enthusiasm and dedication to master the art of yoga has her on a continual path of learning, improvement and sharing. She invites those of you that are interested, to join her on this journey.